Waldstein Art Consulting offers a modern introductory and refresher programme to those who deal with art daily but do not have their own specialized department or professional experts such as banks and credit institutes, insurance and trust companies, professional studios.

We assist banks and credit institutes, insurances and trusts, consultants and retailers that are confronted with art investments and are not backed up by an internal specific department.

As well as guaranteeing efficient assistance in solving any problem concerning the world of art, Waldstein organizes made-to-measure training and refresher courses which explain in detail how the art market functions, who the main personages are and how they influence the particular trends of each single national market, in order to avoid any risk-taking, be better informed and satisfy completely your clients’ needs.

Waldstein Art Consulting organizes for you:

  • introductory and refresher courses on the world of art
  • risk management support
  • art advisory services