A correct estimate of the value of a work of art and knowing current market trends is essential in determining the successful outcome of the choices you make in the field of art. Entrusting this to Waldstein Art Consulting professional services is the best way to ensure that you make the right selection.

Due to our long-standing experience we can assist you during the whole entire estimate procedure.

Reconstruction of the provenance of a work of art, an analysis of its state of preservation, verification of authenticity and legal ownership are essential steps in any estimation of the value of a work of art. A valid estimate cannot and must not be simply that provided by an auction house but should also take into consideration the national and local context as well as an interpretation of market trends.

By using the consultancy procedures of open architecture and aided by its experts, Waldstein Art Consulting is able to provide estimates and full, detailed analyses through mediation and collaboration with prime figures in the world of art, while maintaining great respect for the privacy of clients.

Our estimate services include:

  • due diligence as regards provenance and ownership of the work of art
  • historical and bibliographical research
  • an analysis of the state of preservation
  • a description of the situation as far as relative regulations are concerned
  • first and second opinion
  • an estimate of the market value