Works of art are considered moveable property, with their own particular market based on precise rules, logic and timing. It is essential to be aware of these factors and understand them perfectly before making any investment.

Art can be an investment and a source of income, an intelligent choice regarding the management of your estate. Many people wish to make a profit from the investment of their capital, but few actually know how to do.

In order to invest successfully in the art market, you should possess a knowledge of its regulations, the people involved in this field and current market trends.

It is not enough just to know the history of art. It takes time, patience and a great deal of experience if you wish to build up a collection which is also an investment, and which will increase in value over the years and is easily converted into cash.

Waldstein Art Consultancy will help you to make the right choices, so that you invest wisely, at the right time, avoiding risks and vague fantasies.

Waldstein Art Consultancy can assist you in building up a collection as an investment and also in finding a partner so as to obtain a pledge using the collection as collateral.

Waldstein Art Consulting can help you with:

  • consultancy in the creation of private collections
  • consultancy in the creation of corporate collections
  • custody and management services
  • market research
  • assistance in setting up group investment schemes and art funds
  • assistance concerning dealings of works of art