Ownership and the transfer of works of art involve a specialized knowledge of laws, regulations and taxation procedures. Not knowing these, or not following the rules may result in unpleasant disputes. Waldstein Art Consulting can help you to do what is right and thus avoid any problems.

Long-standing experience is required in a world where the trend towards an ever-wider international circulation of works of art comes up against national regulations which vary greatly from country to country.

Where the transaction takes place, where the work is housed, the taxation address of its owner or of whoever is selling or purchasing it, are just a few of the many issues to be taken into careful consideration.

Waldstein Art Consulting will help you to understand clearly the situation concerning the relative regulations, providing professional advice on any legal matter concerning the circulation of works of art, protection in respect to third parties, and in cases of inheritances, separations or divorces.

Through the intervention of escrow agents, Waldstein Art Consulting ensures that even the most sensitive transactions are handled discreetly and securely.

Waldstein Art Consulting services also include:

  • the setting-up of private and public trusts and foundations
  • the definition of the relative regulations concerning the dealing of the works of art
  • advice on taxation
  • protection concerning third parties and the resolution of disputes over ownership rights
  • consultancy in the case of inheritances, donations, separations and divorces
  • escrow agents
  • the setting up of both private and public trusts and foundations