Art is appearing more and more in the public eye and through the media is taking on a more and more visible and effective role in marketing.

Marketing is getting a media phenomenom more and more, showing its importance in marketing for its extraordinary visibility and efficiency.

But how can you decide among the great number of fairs, biennial exhibitions, inaugurations and previews held each year? Among the growing number of events linked to the world of art and art collecting, which of these should not be missed? Who do you have to contact to request admission to an exhibition or fair?

How should a guided visit be arranged and admission to a private collection or to an artist’s studio be obtained ? What restaurant do you have to book for a collectors’ dinner and in what hotel reserve rooms for your guests?

Together with you and your clients Waldstein will study the best marketing solutions:

  • access and guided visits to fairs, biennial exhibitions and all art exhibitions open to the public
  • the organization of guided tours of museums, art galleries, public and private collections
  • private meetings with artists
  • collectors' dinners
  • organized trips