The art market is a very particular one due to its lack of transparency, of cash, as well as the presence of many non-qualified intermediaries acting alongside true professionals. When buying or selling a work of art, it is essential to consult an expert who knows and adheres to the principle of complete honesty.

Waldstein Art Consulting will assist you in deciding on the most suitable auction house, will inform you of the best place and time, will help you to agree on the fairest commission fees and most advantageous conditions and will check the valuation report, making sure that each item has the greatest possible visibility and proper place in the catalogue.

Too often not enough importance is given to the above, whereas they play an essential role in determining the successful outcome of an auction, at the same time limiting the risks of 'bought-in'.

Indeed, should a privately-arranged sale not be dealt with using the greatest possible care as regards transparency and privacy, the value of a work of art may be irremediably compromised.

In many cases the credibility of a transaction is totally prejudiced by the quoting of an unsuitable price, the request for exorbitant commission fees, the intervention of too many intermediaries and an inadequate knowledge of international markets.

The assistance of a professional consultancy group limits risks for the buyer. Acquiring a careful due diligence of provenance, obtaining a detailed report on the condition of the work of art, getting an authoritative second opinion on the authenticity of the work of art, as well as carrying out an extensive market survey are all essential steps in any purchase.

Waldstein Art Consulting helps to take the best opportunities, not be tricked into paying a too high price and avoid the damage of a possible fraud.

Whether you wish to sell or to buy, whether you choose to do this privately or through an auction house, Waldstein Art Consulting is able to offer you a professional consultancy service based on procedures which guarantee the highest degree of privacy. This is done through a transparent commission system which is reflected both in the work undertaken and the results obtained.

Our consultancy services concerning the purchase and sale of works of art include:

  • consultancy on auction sales and purchases
  • consultancy on sales and purchases through art galleries, art and antique dealers
  • private treaty deal
  • due diligence as regards provenance
  • condition report
  • first and second opinion
  • market surveys