Waldstein Art Consulting offers a wide range of services for those who have chosen to invest in art. Simply enjoy your great passion for art: Waldstein Art Consulting will take care of all the rest. Waldstein Art Consulting offers its services to both ​private owners​ and ​companies​, to those who have recently begun collecting as well as to experts and anyone involved in the world of art in a professional capacity.

Get the most from your estate and invest without running unnecessary risks, preserve your rights and increase your business.

Purchasing and selling procedures, getting an estimate and carrying out market research, dealing with legal and taxation issues, donations and inheritances, due diligence, reports on the condition of a work of art, restoration and preservation methods, bibliographical research, insurance coverage, storage and transport are only a few of the many aspects regarding the management of works of art and which require specific, independent professional know-how. In order to achieve the above, Waldstein Art Consulting offers you its professional services. Discover in more detail​ ​what we offer​.


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