a Art Finance Safe Investements About us High Consultancy Wealth Planning Art Expertise

a Art Finance Safe Investements About us High Consultancy Wealth Planning Art Expertise
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Specialized consulting services
related to the art world

Waldstein Art Consulting offers its services as a supporting Art Advisor to both private and institutional clients. We offer them especially to financial market operators, who recognize art as a great capital asset and need professional consultation for their clients, so they can provide excellent services independent from traditional players.

Art Services


Why choose us

Strong points


Using defined procedures, we ensure an outstanding service, which is totally independent from most of the operators of this field.


We guarantee qualitative and punctual support in the execution of the processes and management of criticality.


We preserve total autonomy from any external influence or commercial collaboration with market operators.

Our consultants

Experience on the field

Waldstein Art Consulting offers its consolidated expertise in the field,
collaborating with the best specialists for all that concern the art world,
thanks to its specific, independent and professional know-how.

The art of enhancing the art

Guiding your passions

Waldstein Art Consulting ensures that investors can find the best scenarios and preconditions to get maximum satisfaction and profitability from their investments, thus creating business opportunities.

The reliability of investments is commensurate with an ability of evaluation that requires complex and specialized knowledge.

The art market can be an alternative form of investment with interesting opportunities, as long as it is well guided and managed. The Waldstein team collects, compares and processes market data, market fluctuations and liquidity.

The irregularity and opacity of this type of market require not only a knowledge of the art world, but also consolidated skills in the economic and financial field.

Waldstein offers competent and discreet support to diversify investments. We suggest the most suitable solutions to the various activities of management and enhancement of the artistic heritage.


Our Mission

Our priority is to support customers in the complex world of art

Due to the complexity of the art market and the peculiarity of the logics that govern it, it is essential to find the support of professional advice. This consultation protects the interests of the client with respect to the aspects of acquisition and disposal of the goods, as well as those concerning the management of art.

Waldstein Art Consulting supports its clients through independent, objective and professional advice in every area concerning the managing of the artistic heritage, operating with the utmost confidentiality.

Waldstein Art Consulting GmbH