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Art Advisory

Analysis and evaluation of the artistic heritage
Standardized procedures

The Art Market

Every consultation is supported by accurate examinations and verifications

Purchasing a work of art represents an investment that, in addition to following pondered reflections, should also adapt to market rules. Likewise, it is essential to follow precise market analysis even for the transfer of ownership and preservation of the works. The basis of any Waldstein Art Consulting’s consultation are verifying the marketability of the artwork and offering real and independent market research, free from ties with workers of this industry.

Where to look

Management of collections

We guide our customers in choosing the most appealing works on the market based on quality and investment

Consulting services for the evaluation, purchase or sale of artworks are meant to support clients interested in starting, expanding or selling their collection. Waldstein’s offer is based on standardized procedures which guarantee well-established professionalism and maximum transparency in prices.

ANALYSIS AND TREND OF THE MARKET: They are based on the study of the art market’s development and its perspectives;

IDENTIFYING THE MOST DISTINGUISHED CRITICS AND HISTORIANS: This is done to get a reliable attribution of authorship and authenticity of the works. It also aims to draft a technical report in case of litigation;

CONSULTING FOR THE CREATION OF ART COLLECTIONS AND CURATORIAL SERVICES: They are aimed to offer a critical and professional support in managing an artist or a collection.

Evaluation mandates

Evaluate the work of art

The assessment process of a work is fundamental

The correct economic assessment of a work, with regard to the market, is essential to determine the success of an investment choice in the art industry. Thanks to the evaluation mandate it is possible to deduce the real marketability of the work.

The assessment process consists of preliminary activities

Tracing the provenance

Analysis of the state of preservation

Checking the authenticity of the work

Lawfulness of possession

This process is essential for the economic evaluation of an artwork. This is why the impartial evaluation of the marketability of a work needs a rigorous interpretation of current market prices and trends.

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